How to create animated travel map

I’m using Fotomagico 5 and would like to create an animated travel map like the one in the youtube demo? Can I do it with Photo Elements 12?

The FM5 demo has a slide showing the globe, the location “Cusco, Peru” labeled with a large red dot, and then an animation showing an arc being revealed from the top of the slide to the red dot. Is THAT what you are referring to as an “animated travel map”?

You can download the demo and open it in FM5 to examine how it’s done. The hard part is creating the “arc” – that’s a .png file with transparency (.jpeg files do not allow transparency). The “animation” is created by adding a mask to the “arc” layer and moving it so that it exposes the arc from start to finish. You’d have to find the globe image on your own, or any other map you need to use.

If Photo Elements 12 can create and save .png files, and if the above is the animation you are referring to, then yes it can be done. If PE 12 can’t do .png’s, then you need to find another application that can.

Thanks stantasic…that’s the info I was looking for.

I’m able to get the animation with the dot that I wanted. How can I combine the dot with the map image so I can display them together for a few seconds at the end of the slide. Right now, the dot flows on the map and at the very end, I cannot get it to stop for a few seconds before it transitions to the next slide.

So, the “dot” is on it’s own layer, correct? And you have it animating (moving) across the slide, correct? Select the “dot” layer and click on the Options menu (on the right), then look in the Layer sub-section. You’ll find Mask, Visibility, and Animation controls. Using the Animation control, slide the white right triangle under the scale towards the left. You should see a flat, horizontal line from where you place the triangle to the end of the scale at the right. That small flat section indicates that animation is stopped during that period of time. Play with the location of the triangle until you have the “dot” stopping for a few seconds before the slide transitions to the next slide.

In the meantime I found an easy do recipe for unexperienced Photoshop users: iMovie !!! see Add animated travel maps and backgrounds

Thanks, checked it shortly, but does not work with flights, only driving, walking and bicycling