How to create an API-cannon to submit time critical requests simultaneously to the API in mimoLive?

Especially when you want to switch things the same time, you have to plan your scripts well. Similar to LayerSets it’s possible to switch several content with the help of the API, exactly the same time:

Download the demo to see the difference between command by command and the API cannon:

Click on one of the LayerSets - “one by one: go!” and “API-CANNON: fire!” - to see the difference between the both ways of scripting. Give the script time to execute. You could add another Automation-Layer to bring more dynamic inside of it to be able to load your cannon with certain/particular/different Endpoints.

I used it, when I had to switch an ATEM to another channel (and the same time it’s filled PIP-window-layer to the special zoom-in position). However, the one-by-one scripting method is great too, because some movements - on the other hand - have to look more organic than others.

And finally, with the help of LayerSets you’ll get a single API-Endpoint to run the cannon. :slight_smile:

I guess you forgot to select the placeholders for PIP A, PIP B, and PIP C. Anyway the concept is clear. Thanks for sharing!

Can’t you see the placeholders? Strange. I can see them.


I can’t. But I understood the logic you wanted to share.

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I created it with the current Beta for 5.10.1 (b3). In version 5.10 is a placeholder related bug , which was fixed in 5.10.1b2. I currently got informed about this. Mystery solved. :slight_smile: