How to change duration of multiple slides? And, is it possible to create buy a seamless music loop?

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked with FM 3. I know there’s a way to change the duration on multiple slides without having to go slide-by-slide. Just can’t remember it. AND, is it possible to create a seamless music loop for background music? Many thanks!

simply select all slides you want to change, either by CMD-clicking all of them or selecting the first one and then the last one while holding the shift key. Now change the duration in the right hand sidebar.

You can loop audio by selecting “audio loops” in the sidebar when the audio track is selected. Please note that the track needs to be made seamless in advance somewhere else to make it loop seamlessly in FotoMagico.

Many thanks for the input. Of course the minute I saw your note about “selecting” it all came back to me. As far as the seamless loop is concerned, I had hoped to avoid having to make it truly seamless in a studio of some sort (I don’t have the gear to do it). I appreciate your comeback. I have no doubt you’ll be hearing from me again! Thanks again. 1deu