How to add list of option in custom layer

I’m pretty experienced with creating my own custom layers for mimoLive but can’t find a way to create a drop down list with options. I know it works with an index port (QC_INDEX). The documentation is also not very helpful:

The Quartz Composer type Index allows for named indices. They can be edited in the Quartz Composer Editor by adding an input splitter in index mode.

I can’t find a way to edit the text for the options in the drop down. I’ve looked at several layers that ship with mimoLive in Quartz Composer but I can’t found out how it’s done. Any additional info or directions would be very helpful.

@eMilty Please make sure to have an “Input Splitter” patch representing your index value. Select the patch and open the patch inspector (command-2).

You should be able to change the type of the Input Splitter to “Index”. Below there are three options from which you need to select “Labeled Indices”. After switching to this option the list for the index values will appear. Use the +/- buttons at the bottom to add and remove items. mimoLive translates those values to the dropdown menu if you publish the input of this Input Splitter.

IMPORTANT: There is a bug in Quartz Composer that leads to the following: If you change the list AFTER you published the port mimoLive won’t see those changes. The workaround is to unpublish and republish the port again.

Let me know if this works for you.

This does not work for me. Whenever I select an input splitter of type Index I get an exception:

No index matching class "QCSplitterIndexPort"

I know this is all deprecated but it feels like Apple does not really care anymore if Quartz Composer even works correctly or not on newer macOS versions. It’s getting worse with every update. I’m also on a M1 machine which will certainly not help. I will try to re-download Quartz Composer and see if that helps.

I downloaded what appears to be the latest version of Quartz Composer (version 4.6.2, included in the Xcode 11 additional tools) but it still crashes. Also tried the same on an Intel based Mac but the same crash. The M1 Mac is on macOS 12.6 and the Intel Mac on 11.6.1. Searching for the error message in Google yields no results (literally none! ;-)).

You’re not wrong on this. The fact that it is still included with MacOS means that they have done limited testing to make sure it sort of works… Clearly, its time is running out. The fact that mimoLive still works on M1 and MacOS Ventura is very fortunate, because it gives us some more time to complete our replacement.