How to add audio Markers to fotomagico 4

I can’t not figure out for the LIFE OF ME how to add audio markers to my slideshow. There is no audio markers option like some places I’ve seen nor does pressing “M” while music is place add them (it does nothing)! Please help! It’s driving me crazy!

In FotoMagico 4.3.1 you have multiple options to set audio markers. They have all in common that you select just one single audio item in the timeline. Also it is useful to switch the timeline into “Timeline” mode to see the audio wave form in the audio item:

  • You can right click on the audio item at a certain position. You will get a context menu with “Audio Marker > Add” item. This will create a new audio marker (small red line). Use the same context menu to remove a certain audio marker “Audio Marker > Delete”.

  • While playback in preview mode you can hit “M” to add an audio item at a certain time. The “Continue” option of the current slide slot will be changed to “at Audio Marker”

  • If you move the playhead manually over your timeline you can scrub through your show. While scrubbing your are also able to hit “M” to set a new audio marker.

If you are not satisfied with the position of an audio marker you are able to adjust it by click-dragging the red line around.