How to activate my product key

I downloaded fotomagico 3 to use the trial. I played around a bit with it and then went back in and purchased the 3 pro version. It tells me that I need to use the purchase assistant window to activate my license key. Whenever i open fotomagico now that I have tried it out, the purchase assistant window does not pop up, a window pops up asking to please choose my primary display device (Monitor/TV/Projector), and i do not see anywhere else to activate it. I have tried deleting the download and re-downloading it but still the purchase window does not pop up. Please help!

You can also register your license under FotoMagico -> licenses . There you can also view if there are already any licenses installed.

I’m having a problem activating iStopMotion. When I click “Enter License Code”, and click in the “Name” and “Company” fields, the pre-entered text clears and I enter my information. However, when I get to the “License Code” field, the information in the box remains there. That information begins with an asterisk (*) and I immediately get a message telling me to only enter numbers and letters even though that’s all I am entering.

I’ve even downloaded the trial version and tried activating it that way but I have the same problem. What’s the secret? It’s driving me crazy!