How to achieve best performance for livestreams

Any intention to make Live Streaming easier? Like BoinxTV being recognized as a Webcam source in streaming softwares?

@Crapules: We are working on a streaming solution. Stay tuned!

Hi Achim, wondering if you have an update on the streaming solution you’re working on? I’d rather use BoinxTV than Wirecast for YouTube for my webcasting. Will an upcoming version of BoinxTV have a similar simple “Stream” button… or will your streaming solution be a separate product? Any rough timeline you can share? Thanks!

@kshepard: Prototype is already working. Streaming will be integrated into BoinxTV. Currently there is no ETA, sorry!

Streaming webinars is becoming a very important part of the business model for a lot of people who are making their income by teaching classes. I’m working with someone to develop a low cost expandable streaming package that could work with the different streaming services. It would be nice to use Boinx as the switching system. I’ve not seen anything like it for the price. We need this feature ASAP.

Almost a year later, is livestreaming already working?

A customer wish a chromakey solution able to stream for a live tv show. Is stream now available on BoinxTV? Can I recommend him this software as it fulfill his needs?

Guys, on the last point mentioned above, how do I bring the signal for a secondary monitor to another computer (Mac)? Currently I am using BoinxTV and FLME on the same MacBookAir (i7) and FLME is dropping a lot of frames from my stream (720p 25fps). I would ideally like to pass the video feed to a second screen via HDMI and perhaps use this for encoding on a second slightly older MacBookPro running FLME.

Thanks for the advice!


PS- I am using BoinxTV for live sports streams (squash)

Miguel, you’ll need a Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini or other HDMI capture box on the second Mac, but that should work fine.

Where can we see the sport streams?