How much memory?

I need to replace my computer and am contemplating buying an Apple Studio M2 Max. How much memory should I purchase? I intend to create 4K files of close to an hour in length suitable for Youtube or other locations.

I’d respond to this question in this way – PURCHASE AS MUCH INTERNAL MEMORY AS YOU CAN AFFORD!! That’s the best answer, really. Odds are FM is not the only application you want running at the same time as other apps – you might want Photoshop (or another photo editor) open at the same time. Currently I’m still running an Intel Mac under OS Sonoma with 16GB of internal memory and 1TB of SSD space. I previously ran FM under 8GB of memory and didn’t have a problem, but it’s obvious that the more memory you have, the speedier all of your applications can run, without the need to swap out application memory if things get low. I don’t know about the M2 Max processor and how it handles memory. And since these newer Mac models don’t allow you to add more memory at a later date, again, the best answer is to get as much as you can right from the start. Better to have too much than too little. But, as I said, it depends on how much you can or are willing to pay.

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Thanks Stantastic. I was running FM with 32GB and new that some rendering would take a long time so I always put off doing that until I was otherwise done for the day. I think I will buy 64GB (a $400 upcharge vs base of 32). Apple offers options on this box all the way up to 192GB!