How many pixels for photo input in FotoMagico4?

I am a brand new user of FotoMagico4. As I hate making copies again of photos to input in FotoMagico but want optimal quality in presentations anyway, wondering what the best practice is. My raw formats in LR4 are (5760x3840) and I want to create HD(1920x1080) presentations in FotoMagico4. Reducing them to HD format probably has a negative effect on zooming quality in Fotomagico presentations, right? The original format is clearly to big, so would reducing then to (2560x1440, JPEG) for example be a fair trade off for Fotomagico import?

-I see there is functionality in FotoMagico for handling size but I don’t know if I can trust that?
-The LR4 connection(smart collections) in Fotomagico doesn’t seem to work properly for some reason. I appreciate it is not easy to achieve, so I concluded that it is best to prepare the photos manually.

When FotoMagico is playing back your show, it determines what is the optimal resolution for presenting the image on the current screen and will scale it down on the fly. Also FotoMagico gives you a hint in the time line with a yellow triangle that an image is to big for the current setup and give you the option to scale it down automatically for you. FotoMagico is scaling it that way, that your maximal zoom on screen is displayed 1:1 pixels. If you want to have control over the quality of your images I would suggest that you use half the resolution and JPEG compression of your raw images in FotoMagico because this is a great compromise in quality vs. file size.

Thx for your clear explanation and sensable compromise advice, Achim!