How great is MimoLive?

I have been using ML for several years now to run a multi-day 24/7 livestream for the Iditarod sled dog race. A crazy show for 1 man.

Each year I learn a little more about how to use ML more creatively and efficiently.

This year I learned how to utilize the automation layer for stinger transitions and workflow automation.

I also learned how powerful syphon send and receives are. Incredible.

But even the ability to have multiple documents running for different purposes in awesome. I used a main document to run the main stream, and a second document to record other live feeds that needed to be used later in time.

Is ML perfect? No. But it does so much more than I was aware of.

Thank you Oliver and Achim for making such an incredibly powerful piece of software.


Hi @Art_Aldrich Thanks for the kind words. We’re happy you like mimoLive.