How do I switch between multiple Mac "Photos" libraries?

How do I switch between multiple Mac “Photos” libraries?
Please, there must be a way, or at least a work around?

i can only remember vaguely: after changing the iPhoto library, before using it with Fotomagico, it had to be declared as the master library.

I’m going to pipe in here, even though I’ve been using a Mac since 1984 and I avoid iPhoto like the plague :wink: And I think one of the reasons for that is exactly what you’ve run up against – iPhoto doesn’t like to work with “multiple” libraries (you even have to try to find 3rd party software that manages that kind of thing for you). Apple tried to make the “user experience” easy – but it isn’t always the most efficient.

So, the following answer doesn’t exactly address your problem, but it does offer a solution – DON’T use multiple libraries when creating slideshows in FotoMagico. What I have ALWAYS done is to create a folder for a specific slideshow, and place ALL of the photos associated with it into that folder. It has never failed, simply because all the photos are in one spot. And if I move or copy a slideshow, all the photos that go with it stay in the same folder, even if on an external drive. It makes linking files, if necessary, a breeze. So, just a suggestion – you don’t have to follow it :wink:

Thanks to both of you.
It’s not ideal, but I learned what many may have already known, that you can hold down the option button while Photos is launching and select a library. Once in that library you can go to preferences and select which is the “System Photo Library”. FotoMagico will recognize that one.

I learn something new everyday – see, since I don’t use Photos, I didn’t know the Option trick. Now that I DO know the trick, I STILL won’t be using Photos!! :wink: But maybe I can remember it the next time the subject comes up at a cocktail party.