How do i import a GIF into FotoMagico

I cannot figure out how to import a GIF. I have 50+ to import, I know i can convert them in quicktime, but how do i drag and drop then in directly. Alternately how can i batch convert a large group of GIFs, and if i do, what is the best format for them.

Thanks in advance.

@“Vincent Genovese” Are you trying to import animated GIFs or normal GIFs?

trying to import large group of animated GIFS, mostly under 3 seconds.

@“Vincent Genovese” I believe, animated GIFs are currently not supported by FotoMagico. This is an interesting use case though, and I will ask engineering about their take on it.

Thanks for your reply. Keep up the Great work.


Any update on importing animated GIFs?

@“Christina Tobin” Thanks for your interest in FotoMagico. The best way currently is to convert the animated GIFs into movie files for using them in FotoMagico.

Animated GIFs are being considered for a future version of FotoMagico.