how do i do multi images on 1 slide?

Hi guys im new to this… i am using 3.8 & want o know how to put more than 1 image in a single slide? in the info video there are a few slides that have 1 still image & 1 moving image in the same image… how do i do it?

Hi, val –

FM 3.8 does not allow “layers” like the new FM 4.x does, but you CAN create TWO moving images.

One image gets placed on a slide in the normal fashion. You can zoom it, rotate it, and/or pan it. The OTHER image must be saved as an .rtf file (rich text format) – THAT’S THE TRICK – and imported into the “title” layer. You can zoom it, rotate it, and/or pan it as well.

But that’s the limit in FM3 – two layers.

So far, FM4 allows for up to six layers (although I have seen it handle more when it comes to “title” layers (actual text) – but not for placed images. I try to limit the total number of layers to no more than six, just in case it might run into an error.

Thank you Stantastic… i will try that :slight_smile:

do you know if i wanted the new fm4 would i have to buy it fully or is there an upgrade price?

I got in when FM4 was first introduced in beta and there was a “discount” for “beta testers.” But there has also been a big stink by a lot of people that the upgrade price was too high for previous owners, and now there is also no longer an offering of two versions (a basic version and a “pro” version) – there is currently only ONE version of FM4. And as far as I know, it is currently priced at $99.