How do I create motion in layered images?

I have four images in a layer. Each fills up one quarter of the screen. I want to have motion in each image. However, when I try, the image grows or shrinks as a whole, rather than moving within the one quarter frame. How do I keep the frame the same size while zooming the image? Or, is this impossible?

In FotoMagico 4.2 we introduced “Masks”. You can setup a mask for each image separately. Please select all the images one by one and apply a mask to them by right clicking on them and selecting “Mask > Rectangle”. Now you get a new switch next to the Zoom and Rotation wheels where you can switch to edit the masks of each image. The mask will be shown with a blue boarder. As a starting point for each image you may select “Mask > Left Half of Stage” (or “Right Half of Stage”) to get the right width for the mask. Please note that there are multiple options in the “Options” panel on the right when you click on the button named “Rectangle”.

I think I figured it out—has to do with the size of the mask and when you apply it. So I’ve got 4 separate images, each in different quadrants of the screen. I know I can then combine them into a layer, and get the motion in each on one screen.

However: when creating the last image for this effort, I selected a rectangle mask just as I did the first three, and got a screen with some thin lines (see pics). Any ideas on why this is happening?

I just fixed the problem above. Now that I’ve got 4 layers, a picture in each corner, animated independently, how do I keep the edges from shifting in or out as the animation runs for each?

Since each image has its own mask, you have to modify (shrink) the mask boundaries so that the image border is always outside those boundaries.

Ok, I tried that. For one thing, making the mask border smaller of course shrinks the image, and making the image border larger makes the image larger and zooms more than might be wanted. In any case, making the mask border smaller than the image border didn’t stop “edge creep.”

Can you provide us with a short footage, so we can see what you are seeing?