How create slideshow with movie running concurrently

I videoed an hour-long lecture where the presenter used Powerpoint slides, but did not want me to include any of his slide images on the video recording. So the video just shows him talking and occasionally pointing to slides but the video shows only him. He has now given me his PP slides and given me permission to “re-create” his talk. My hope was to use Fotomagico to create a movie that shows the video of the presenter talking in a reduced window on the left, with the PP slides appearing in full size on the right, timed to coincide with when the presenter is referring to them in his talk. I guess this would be called “picture-in-picture”.

I know this can be done pretty easily in iMovie, but I’m wondering if FM can be used for this task.

Hi @eric3 Thanks for joining the forum!

While it may be possible to use FotoMagico for that, I would recommend our other app, mimoLive, which has been designed for, among many others, recording presentations. You can even record a PiP at the same time as separate feeds for speaker and slides. In your case, you can pretend that the speaker is doing the talk in real time while you switch the slides also in real time to create this video. This will be a lot quicker than doing it in iMovie.