How can I let the viewer decide for themselves which camera angle they want to look at?

For my explainer videos and strategy shows, I want the viewer to decide for themselves what they want to see. I usually record the following camera angles:

  1. main camera, from the front
  2. side camera, left
  3. side camera, right
  4. overhead camera
  5. powerpoint image
  6. camera from behind zooms in on a page
  7. camera to show the whole studio
  8. screen transmission.

I’m trying something out for this right now. Of course, this is also a bit of a gimmick. Here is an example when I adjust the angles myself (I’m still practising editing videos)

So I want to give the viewer the opportunity to choose for himself which camera settings are most valuable for him. Some people learn better through pictures, others through audio or watching teachers. Everyone should decide for themselves which channel is best for them.

The nice thing about mimolive is that I can also stream different camera angles. Great job.

That’s what the Paella Player is for.

My question: does anyone have any ideas about this or another idea? The Multicam feature of Youtube has been discontinued. Or does anyone know of a streaming service that can do this?

Thanks a lot