Horizontal flipping of images

Is there an easy way to horizontally flip an image in FotoMagico? On occasion, an image would just look better in the context of the slideshow if it were flipped horizontally. I’ve tried “Layer---->Mirrored” and while that does flip the image, it also appears to do something with the mask (maybe?) that makes the flipped image difficult to deal with – at least for me. Just for context, I have only used fotomagico a few times over the past 6 years to create a wedding reception slideshow for each of my daughters. The last time was in 2019 but my youngest is now soon to be married so I’m back at it again and trying to remember how to do things. For some reason I have a recollection of previously having done it by flipping the image in its source folder but wondered if there was a way to do it within fotomagico itself. Thanks


You are totally correct – about the mask, I mean!!! The “Layer > Mirrored” option DOES flip the image horizontally, just like you want. But if there’s a mask, it appears that the mask is somehow flipped as well, and is totally bizarre in its behavior. If you try to move the masking box to the right, the mask itself moves to the left. And if try to rotate the mask to the right, it rotates to the left. Completely unintuitive. I’ve addressed this issue before, but so far there hasn’t been a fix for it :frowning:

If you DON’T need a mask, the Layer > Mirrored function is okay. If you DO need a mask, right now the easiest thing to do, unfortunately, is flip the image outside of FotoMagico using a third-party app (even Apple’s Preview app can do that).