High Sierra & 32 bit standalone slideshows

Understand that High Sierra will only support 64 bit app. I have many standalone slideshow .app created using Fotomagico over the years … How would i run these 32 bit photo slideshow apps on High Sierra ? Is there a quick way to convert these 32 bit slideshows to 64 but…

The simplest way to convert a standalone player back to a slideshow document for FotoMagico is to rename the file from a “.app” to a “.fms”:

  • Select the Standalone Player app in Finder
  • hit CMD-i on your keyboard. You will get the Finder Info Panel about this app
  • find the name field in the Finder Info Panel and rename the ending from “.app” to “.fms”. The macOS will prompt you for confirmation because this is very unusual for the system.
  • The file icon should change from the player icon to a slideshow document icon and can be opened by FotoMagico.

Since you are talking about 32 bit slideshows those actually may be “.ssp” files (created by Fotomagico 3 or earlier). They need to be renamed with “.ssp” files because FotoMagico 5 can’t open them. Now you need a FotoMagico 4 app (can be downloaded here: https://boinx.com/connect/fotomagico/versionhistory/4.6.9 ) to open and convert those to “.fms” files. Once they are converted to “.fms” they can be opened by FotoMagico 5.