High GPU usage when using Decklink Duo 2

Hi all, I noticed something interesting yesterday. I have a Mac Studio M2 Max, base spec running on Ventura 10.5.2. I have a Decklink Duo 2 connected to a Akitio Thunderbolt 2 enclosure.

I noticed that the GPU ramps up to an insane (uncomfortable) level when a SDI source is selected on the Decklink Duo 2. The source was only selected and loaded into the layer stack, without going live and the GPU usage is already more than 30%.

When switched to an NDI source, the GPU load drops down to a more comfortable level.

I use ZoomISO to get my remote speakers into Mimolive via NDI and have another Mac mini running powerpoint presentations into Mimolive through SDI. I notice that I can run x8 720P NDI feeds into Mimolive without causing much GPU & CPU pressure on the Mac Studio. But by turning on the SDI input, it almost maxes out the GPU.

Is this an expected behaviour requiring the GPU to process inputs from the Decklink?

Hi @Gabriel_Ng_7435 We’re currently working on this issue. Have you tried mimoLive 6.6b1? If not, please do and report back.

Hi @Oliver_Boinx, thank you for your help! I have just downloaded 6.6b1 and will update you with what I find. Thanks!

HI @Oliver_Boinx, apologies for the delay. Was tied up over the weekend and just managed to fire up the beta release to test out. Yes, it does significantly improve the GPU usage in this iteration of the software. DIdn’t really get a chance to test it out fully yet, but that’s great news! Thank you very much to the Mimolive team!

That is good to hear. Thanks for reporting back.