HEVC Record Output -> no option to change Data Rate

When I set HEVC as record output then the option to change “Data Rate” will become greyed out. Same with the Frame Interval. With H.264 it’s working fine.

Mac Studio M1 Ultra, latest macOS Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68), mimoLive Version 6.2 (29855)

Hi @Morgonaut Sorry about that. That is what sometimes happens if the feature request is too specific. It was “Add advanced settings to h.264 compression”… Easy to miss that there is an h.265 as well. I will make a new feature request. :wink:

One more note on h.265: It seems to consume more system resources than h.264 for some reason – which is why we don’t use it that much and why we missed the need for advanced settings for h.265

Hi Oliver, as always thanks for your efforts! I’m happy to wait for fix since I know you know about it :slight_smile: Take care… Teresa