I just finished my first slide show and am showing it in about 5 hours. I shared it with HD and the color is way off -very bland. When I try to do as stand Alone it finishes in about 10 secs (vs 15 minutes for the HD-so I know something is wrong) and again the color is bad. I think it is working off the HD I just rendered.

I only bought a single Pro user and I registered it on my Desktop. Will the only way to show this in good resolution be to purchase the Multiple user, put Photomagico on my laptop, and show it off the slideshow? Will it work with my 1 person registration as long as I dont use both at the same time? I dont want to get there and have it not work. Thx all

Hi, even it is to late for your show, please consider to read the tutorial we put together on how to get the best export possible for your needs: