Help with v3

so i am no longer using my Fotomagico software, but i have 3 slideshows i would like to still be able to watch. i cannot even open the old application on my new Mac. I have dowloaded the new version to “try” but honestly dont want to pay $50 just so i can open my 3 files and save them to You Tube. what can i do to convert my old files so that i can still watch them without having to buy the new version? Help please.

IF you didn’t save the previous 3 slideshows as “stand-alone” presentations that will run on your computer WITHOUT the application, or you didn’t create a DVD that held the presentation, THEN you’re probably out of luck. You say “I am no longer using my Fotomagico software…” but that doesn’t say it still isn’t on your computer. If you no longer have (or can use) the app, then you’re NOT going to be able to open the 3 slideshows to save them as mentioned above. The files ARE proprietary (they can ONLY be read by FM, which would be expected). There is no “conversion” software.

The guys at Boinx may want to chime in – maybe they can offer you a solution.