Help - Running two instances of mimoLive on the same Mac for different TX outputs?

Hi all,

I’ve got a job coming up where I need to output to 2 YouTube channels. The only difference between the 2 outputs is that one will have a sign language interpreter in a PIP. So I’m thinking of running a 2nd instance of mimoLive on the same M1 Mac mini to take the program from instance 1 via syphon / virtual camera / loopback and then add the sign language interpreter in a PIP on the 2nd instance and output it to YouTube from there.

My questions are:

Would this work and be stable?

Is there a better way of doing it on the same M1 Mac mini?

Thanks all!


Hi @JoeB We’ve done quite a few projects with a second mimoLive document and sending video via Syphon Sender Layer in one to a Syphon receiver in the other. This way, for example, you can have a caller via mimoCall output to a teleprompter in front of the show host so they can look at their interview partner.

I also know that some people have done exactly what you want to do.

Bonus: The sign interpreter can call in via mimoCall and doesn’t have to be on location.

Just make sure you are running only one copy of the app.

We did exactly the same: multiple projects open for different purposes. Total of 6 projects :grimacing: on a MacBook Pro 14” M2. No issues.

We had 6 NDI streams and 2 Mimocalls, graphics and 2 recordings in Apple HQ 422.

Can you share a bit more about this project? Would love to get a success story for the blog.

Hi @Oliver_Boinx Thanks for getting back to me with that information, that’s really great.

Sure, I’m happy to share a bit more on the project. I’ll report back on how it all went. Shall I post here or send to you directly?

Thanks again.

Hi @KHlo That’s brilliant, makes me feel a lot more relaxed about 2 projects!

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Good luck. Nothing to worrie about. We also often have 2 projects in use: main program and 2nd one for studio monitor

Hi @JoeB feel free to do what works best for you. I’m sure there are many people here in the forum who would appreciate the story, though!