Help needed with livestreaming Vimeo with MimoLive


I am putting on a virtual event and have an urgent request as the event is tomorrow. Everything seems to be running smooth, we are running the camera through Mimo Live and livestreaming through Vimeo, however Vimeo keeps saying our connection is “unstable” despite having more than high enough internet speed.

I’ve noticed that the Mimo encoder will spike up and down depending on if we’re playing pre-recorded content or if it’s live video…so I’m wondering if Vimeo is sensing this, but it’s nothing to worry about? See screenshots below - just click the thumbnail…there are 4 images. Any help would be greatly appreciated- esp from people who have used Mimo with Vimeo.

Hello there, Ryan!
First of all, what is your system configuration?
Depending on your system specs, sometimes re-encoding your video files so that they match your document resolution may help (for example, if you’re streaming in 1080p, there’s no reason to play a 4K video file without converting it to 1080 first, unless you’ll zoom into something during playback).
You can see how your system responds as you switch your video sources “Live” and “Off” if you display mimoLive’s “render performance monitor” and “source performance monitor” (they’re both accessible from the “Window” menu).
Best regards,