Help me please. Problem with video on video

Hi I have a square video, and would like to play an animation (HD video) behind it and when I do that the video in the front is very transparent?
I have tried several different options including a solid block behind it but even though is was between the two videos it shows as a white square. If you put a video ontop of a solid background it’s the same problem, any work arounds?
I am new here and I hope I can help someone (I just did actually).

Hi Wayne,

can you please provide a screenshot so I can better understand the issue?

I sent to support. I have a 4:3 video I want to play in a 16:9 slide show. I can not zoom it because there is text in the video, I can not crop to 16:9.
So I put a video of snow falling and the 4:3 video on top, (or the background can be a JPG). The Video on top pf the JPG (in the front layer), it shows a solid video, on the video (or JPG) background… hit play or export. The video on the top layer becomes only about 20% solid so mostly transparent. The JPG image or video background shows through the video when playing.
Try it and see what happend on your computer.?


I was advised by support this is a glich and will be fixed in the next update.