hardware minimums?

I have been a user of BoinxTV in the past. I have a new employer and am trying to put mimoLive in the mix. We are high school and are on the front end of the process. I know from seeing discussions and q&a in the past that defining starting hardware is difficult. We would like to use 2 cameras and green screen, and be able to add in video clips or slides for things like morning announcements or demonstrations. Where can I find good direction on what hardware to choose so that we don’t start off with inadequate resources? This would quickly lead to disappointment school-wide and there is so much excitement at the possibilities now.

Kirt; you shouldn’t have any issues with a newer Macbook Pro or iMac. Do you currently have a Mac available to test on, or will you be buying new?

hi, is a MacBook Pro Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013, 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 a good hardware for MIMOLIVE ?

@“Iasd Novo Hamburgo” We’ve been using these for the last couple of years at various events and in-house. It depends on what exactly you want to do with it. We used it with 3 video sources to record and stream live events. Can you be more specific about your use case?

I have:
1 blackmagic ultrastudio mini recorder
1 blackmagic Intensity shuttle (USB)
1 logitech c920

I tested it with Mimolive at last September and the encoder was too slow…
I did not use many effects, only the camera and audio inputs, some titles and the switcher with the 3 cameras. I’ve made facebook with the most basic video settings.

I remember reading here in the forum that it would be necessary to use a MacPro.

I would like to make sure my equipment is sufficient before buying Mimolive…

@Iasd Novo Hamburgo

I have a macpro 5.1, but I also have a macbook pro, just like yours

I have performed a couple recordings using 2 cameras with 2 blackmagic ultrastudio mini recorder, flawlessly

@“Iasd Novo Hamburgo” The “Encoder too slow” message is misleading as it also appears if actually the internet bandwidth is too slow. We are working on fixing this. Meanwhile, you should be fine if you follow theses recommendations:

  1. If you stream and record at the same time, do not use H.264 for the recording, use ProRes 422 instead. The Mac has one H.264 hardware encoder and that will be busy encoding the stream.

  2. Start with a low streaming data rate and increase it cautiously until you reach an acceptable video quality or your stream starts stalling. Unfortunately, this is not connected to your ISP bandwidth. While you might have a 10 Mbps line, your bandwidth to the Facebook ingest servers might be far less. For example, I do have to reduce streaming data rate to 1 Mbps when streaming from our office to Facebook despite a 10 Mbps upstream.

Please send me an email to sales@boinx.com (attn: Oliver) and I will send you a 30 day trial license for mimoLive so you can test again.

I need to upgrade the Mac I have in our video studio to deal with the demands put upon it integrating mimioLive into a 1080p, 4 camera setup. Currently we only use 2D layouts, but folk are bound to want to take up the option of the 3rd dimension, hence the upgrade.

Today we had a gameshow format with lower thirds, station bugs, video clues and other materials. All in all about 20 HD bits off video, plus overlays.

Will the AMD FirePro D300 on a quad core Mac Pro suffice for the kind of environment I’ve described or will it need to be the AMD FirePro D500 or AMD FirePro D700?

If it needs more oomph then has anyone tried out a PCIe expansion chassis and something like a GTX 1080?

I just want to make sure I don’t buy the wrong hardware.