Hardware $35 DIY Tally light for mimoLive

Hardware $35 DIY Tally Light for mimoLive to signal audio and/or video is live. Hardware components are based on the easy to get Arduino plattform. Code can be adapted to other Arduino-based CPU types and signalling boards. Use the code on your own risk!

Code is available on GitHub:

DIY Tally Light for mimoLive in action:

Components used:

  • CPU/Wifi: Feather HUZZAH ESP8266 WiFi $20
  • LED-Board: Adafruit 15x7 CharliePlex LED Matrix FeatherWing $13
  • Optional: Small Li-ion Battery to use without power cable

Good stuff! I think I have similar parts laying around, I may have to build one of these!

Thanks for sharing.

Troy, we will enhance our code by a standalone configuration after programming, so that mimoLive IP and API can be changed without using the Arduino developer console. Will update the code in the next days.

I’ve searched how to do it. Now we got it!

We managed to do super-effective cameras with Raspberry Pis, their latest camera module (which is awesome) and a mini RTSP server on the Pi. Adding to it a tally light would be freaking awesome!

Bastien, That’s awesome! We were thinking about building mimoCall (WebRTC) into such a device. Can you let me know more about how you put this thing together?

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Hey @Oliver_Boinx! Glad you like that. By the way, thank you for adding RTSP, it helped a lot to cut down the costs (NDI is soooo much expensive for the small NPO we are).

We inspired from something like that: https://www.sylvaindurand.org/surveillance-camera-with-raspberry-pi/ - actually we used https://www.npmjs.com/package/rtsp-streaming-server and ffmpeg, but v4l2rtspserver seems to be lighter and better.
We plan on using ONVIF to make them full remotely discoverable and configurable à-la NDI.

For your device, you could use the official RPi display or a small HDMI screen to display back the video using NDI? (Coming soon to Raspberry: http://www.sienna-tv.com/ndi/ndimonitorstart.html).
I’m looking forward your mimoCall device. Could be helpful for some applications!

@Oliver_Boinx Here is our first PoE RTSP Camera for mimoLive, running 1080p50, 12.6MP, for only 150$.
We need to enhance the software to have less packet loss, and we will base on @RedDev’s idea and codebase to add an automatic tally light. The camera can easily know which layers is using the feed as source and light the tally according to the statuses of the layers.

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