Hack for mimoLive withZoom 5

As of May 30th Zoom requires all users to be on v5 or above to connect with each other so the install an older version of Zoom fix is no longer adequate. There is good news … kind of … Zoom v5.0.4 brings virtual cameras back for Mac users.

However, Zoom v5.0.4 does not see the mimoLive virtual camera so you must still use the Terminal to execute the command (below) which requires Apple’s free Xcode to be installed first. Then all is good. For now you will have to repeat this command every time you update Zoom.

codesign --remove-signature /Applications/zoom.us.app/

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Might this have something to do with the Usage Restriction mimoLive Virtual Camera does not work in apps that are based on QuickTime?

Hi Dean, Thanks for the note. We’re aware of the issue and are investigating.

Another workaround is to use the Zoom web client in Chrome.

No, mimoLive doesn’t use QuickTime.

We released a new Virtual Camera Plugin Installer 1.3 which will work with Zoom 5.0.4 on macOS 10.15 Catalina. Please let us know if it works for you:


This new plug in works perfect! No more Zoom mods required. Thanks!

this work for me - catalina 10.15.4, mimolive Version 5.6b2 (28435), zoom 5.0.4 (25694.0524)

they have a solution also for webex? it works audio only, in camera i can’t see mimolive virtual camera. thank u

The solution with removing the signature in theory also works with WebEx. Another workaround might be to use the WebEx web client in the Chrome browser.