H264 Export Color Problem


I know there has been some talk about this subject, but i haven’t found a solution yet.
Trying to export using H264 the result is a video that doesn’t match the original photos that are used in the slideshow. I know that there is alot going around about the apple gamma bug but i think this is not the case.
It seems to me that while FM is using color profiles for the realtime preview and it doesn’t take them into concern when exporting.

I compare this with iPhoto which uses the same H264 encoder with exactly the same exporting settings. The resulted slide show matches exactly with the photos that are imported. It does have though an option to embed sync profiles when importing the photos.

So what is really going on? Will this be fixed? Is there a workaround for this?

Thank you

Unfortunately the color synch chain is broken by the QuickTime API we are currently using. We are going to switch to a new API which shouldn’t have this problem anymore. Currently we are working on it and this new export should be in one of the next updates.

Thanks for the reply and good to know you are working on it.
Do you have a rough estimate when it should be available?

Sorry, we don’t have a schedule for it yet.