Grouping layers and Animated titles

I am thinking about switching from Wirecast to Mimolive. However, 2 things are perhaps holding me back.

  • The inability to group layers. I am broadcasting for a church and we need to be able to fade from black into the sermon. My video and audio come from 2 different sources. If I assign the separate audio source to the camera the sound does not fade in with the video but abruptly comes in. If I understand correctly in order to fade in audio you have to have a separate audio layer. Problem is that I would need to fade in the video and audio layer at the same time. I cannot seem to do it. Am I right or is there another way to do it. In Wirecast when you assign the separate audio source to the camera it fades in too.

  • Lack of animated titles. Wirecast Pro comes with NewBlue Titler Pro Present which not only gives you some really cool lower thirds, but animated titles as well. They have a really cool template, which I then customized, that I use for our Scripture reading which animates on and off. I thought about doing this in After Effects, but it has to be a set time. Titler Pro allows you to trigger the animation in and out. I could animate the title to animate in After Effects and render out as a video file, but since I do not know how long it will take him to read I cannot anticipate when to animate it off. Are you planning to have animated titles packs?

To turn on/off 2 layers (or more) simultaneously, you can assign same hotkey to the layers.

Ok the audio fades in ok when I use the same hotkey, but audio is abrupt when fading out.

@Jomac Thanks for giving mimoLive a chance.

The Audio Only layer can fade in and out when toggled. The best way to perform two things at the same time is using the Remote Control Surface where you can assign multiple actions to a single button.

So I have to use a tablet for this using the Remote Control Surface? This is the only way to fade out the audio only layer as the same time as the video layer? You cannot do within Mimolive itself?

@Jomac You can use the Remote Control Surface also locally in a browser window.

You can alternatively asign the same keyboard shortcut to the layers you want to trigger at the same time, but due to the nature of keyboards (who can not store the state of a layer) this can fail if you manually switch one layer live separately. The next time you press the key, this will turn off that layer and on the other. The Remote Control Surface can specifically turn a layer on and when it is already on, the state will not change.