Group Layers/Scenes/and beyond!

Grouping the sources was a great start. What will really make me a loyal fan and promoter for MimoLive is having grouped layers. Like creating a “Scene”.

Example: Sports scene — I’ll have a lower third, a clock, and ticker all under one grouped layer. So when I want to display all of these layers at once all I’d have to do is click on the group layer or (scene layer). This would really blow the competition right out of the water.

Data: Would love to see something other than just an RSS feed. Would love the option to import CSV, API, and JSON.

Title Creator: Sadly, quartz will soon be a thing of the past. Well, the current software hidden within Xcode in other words. Would be great to see a side program/integrated plugin to create titles. Custom lower thirds, custom tickers, custom score boards, custom maps, and much more the creative mind can come up with.

All these are ideas and would LOVE to see these in development bopefully in the future. :slight_smile:

@Brennn Thanks for using mimoLive and for letting us know your feature requests.

Part of what you want to do can already be done with the Remote Control Surface where you can define buttons that operate on several layers at once. More information on that is at

There are many options to get data into mimoLive and we do have quite a number of layers that are able to process JSON or CSV files, for example. In the not too distant future, we will hopefully be able to provide access to layer settings via the API.

As for the title creator: We are aware of the current status of Quartz Composer and are actively looking into alternatives, including providing our own editor.

Yes, yes, YES regarding “scenes” with grouped layers! This would be so valuable. We really need this and the ability to map a grouped layer scene to keyboard keys.

The Remote Surface for the iPad does do this successfully (and elegantly). However (1) an iPad is a big additional expense, and (2) for solo on-camera live switching operators like me, we really needs a way to feel the different keys and find them without looking down and have our finger resting on top of the right button before we press it. A tablet surface is all smooth and cannot be navigated by touch requiring solo-operators to constantly look down to find the right button – all while on-camera which is not a professional look for an on-camera host.

If we could just map these scenes to a keyboard numberpad or other physical keypad keys, mimoLive would really be amazing.

+1 for creating “scenes”/grouping within the app itself. I really want to be able to bind a single key to activating my “scenes” rather than relying on mouseclicks on a computer…

I agree 100%. Scene grouping functionality would not only streamline the process for one-person operation, it would also ease the migration process for those coming from OBS or similar products.

Layer groups would be very helpful IF the preview in all groups child layers would show the hole group.
Otherwise a global preview setting could do the job too, to show all active layers - not just the selected (just in preview!) for fine-adjustments.