Grid to support precise positioning of images

I always miss a guiding tool like a grid or something when I am doing a animation where I with precision want to move ore don’t move a certain point in the image. A simple grid would do it or a cross sight the could be placed in the image.
Best regards - Bo


I’ve been asking for this for years but still haven’t seen it. I’d like to see a “snap” type of grid as well, one where you can bring moveable guides in from the top or left of the working area so you can snap the edges of one image to another. I know there’s currently a snap-type feature already where yellow lines show up for tops, bottoms, lefts, and rights – but sometimes those aren’t sufficient, depending on the individual requirement.

Is it possible to display a rule in pixels at the edge of the images ?

Hi, Paratoner – not sure if I understand your question (as it relates to having a “grid” to position images) – BUT – you can display a “border” around the edge of an image. Select the image and in the Image subsection of the Options tab you’ll see the “Border” option – choose a color and a point width and there you are. Is that what you want?

Hi Stantastic
No, my request was for obtain a better positionning of titles on the screen compared to next dia for better fading effects. The mousedown get the location of center of the object while moving, but I hope know the location of the cursor while moving into the image rectangle without any mousedown…

Sorry, I misunderstood when you said a “rule” in pixels at the edge of the image. Yes, I do agree with you – there should be MORE precision allowed, AND the ability to view it (lengths, widths, stage location, movement distances, alignment grids/marks, etc.) I’ve been asking for “rulers” for a long time (like those in Photoshop, for example), where you can drag horizontal and vertical grid lines into the stage area and use them for alignments, sizing, whatever. If you drag an image or a side of an image and it hits the grid line, it SNAPS into place. I want that!!

I’m posting a repeat request for RULERS and GRIDS (that was previously asked for back in 2016) under the original post title.

I’m working on a new project design where I would like to divide the stage up into halves, or quarters, or thirds, in either one or both of the horizontal or vertical directions. It would make placement of images and masks so much easier if there was a way to create snap-to grids at user-defined locations, and would make precision placement of images and titles exactly that – “precise!”

I know that image frames will snap to other images, but only on their centers (or the center of the working stage). I still can’t get the RIGHT (or left) side of a frame to snap to the LEFT (or right) side of another frame, or the BOTTOM (or top) of a frame to snap to the TOP (or bottom) of another frame.

I know from the first samples that came with FotoMagico years ago that black “spacers” were used to separate photos on a slide – but each one of those horizontal or vertical lines takes up it’s OWN LAYER (and when there are only 6 layers available, that limits one’s creativity into how many images can be placed on a slide). And there is still no way to place them precisely.

So far, to get around the limitation, I created my own “fotomagico grid.jpg” file that is the same size as my working stage, then placed horizontal and vertical lines at various places along the width and height of the image (e.g., at 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4). I then place that image on the stage and use the lines as a guide for sizing photos, then delete it after everything is placed correctly – BUT it’s a big pain to do it that way, and I still can’t SNAP images to where I want them to be.

Is there ANY possibility of seeing RULERS and snap-to GRIDS implemented in the near future? MUCH APPRECIATED!!! THANKS!!!