Green Screened backgrounds for Event Stills Photography

I have to set up a photo booth at an indoor public event (like a Prom) and I’d like to set up a Green Screen situation to shoot Photos of people and have different Backgrounds to choose from immediately placed in the shot. I think BoinxTV does this for video but I’d like to be able to do it with stills. Would any Boinx Software allow me to do this?

I am sorry, we don’t have a good solution for this. Anyways you may be able to use BoinxTV to do the greenscreening in order to show the people in front of the camera the result in real time. You can use the screenshot-function in MacOS-X to grab the screen (use command-shift-4 to activate the “portion screenshot” function, press down the spacebar while the capture process to capture the 1:1 live output window. You even can remove the toolbar of the window with the action-button on the top right of the live video output window.