Graphical profile adjustment too Narrow

V6 - I still have difficulty adjusting the vertical aspect of the opacity, animation speed graphs etc. Horizontal is ok as I can extend the sidebar but there is not enough room vertically for medium, never mind fine, adjustments we need at least a doubling of the vertical scale.

I understand what you’re asking for, but it also tends to increase the amount of scrolling that might be needed, depending on what other options you have chosen to display. Definitely NOT the deciding factor, though.

Did you know that if you double-click on any of the control points along those opacity, animation speed, etc. graphs that a pop-up will display the “percentage” values of both the location along the timeline AND the intensity of the option at each point? If you want, you can enter an exact percentage value into the boxes. One of the problems, though, is if you go back and double-click on one of the points, it’s very sensitive to mouse-clicks and movement, so it might throw off a previously entered value (like going from 36% to 37%). It’s not as easy as what you’re suggesting (a “visual” method of adjustment), but it does work.

No, I did not know about the double click. However, as you say it is very sensitive also two points I thought were horizontal yet they were 10% out showing how difficult it is to visualise with the small amount of height.