Got Any Background Music Suggestions?

Like most others, I have thousands of music files in my collection. However, when it comes to selecting music for my slide shows, I usually struggle to find anything appropriate. It’s frustrating in that what I see/hear from Boinx and other sources have what I consider great background music, but of course I can’t identify them. I guess I’m not very imaginative, but I can’t think of a good way of finding appropriate music. iTunes, for example, doesn’t have a category called “Great Instrumentals For Slide Show Background.” :slight_smile:

Can anyone suggest some instrumental music that would be good for slide show backgrounds? And if I can’t buy it/them from iTunes, can you include a source. Thanks!!

Wow – tough question!!

My wife and I create slideshows of our various trips, and whenever we go somewhere we look for CDs containing music that fits the slideshow.

We just returned from Greenland and Iceland and purchased two CDs that set the mood (one instrumental, the other vocal). Last year we hiked across 2/3 of the Swiss Alps and on our final day in Zurich we stopped into a large music store where a helpful employee allowed us to listen to almost two dozen CDs before we found two that worked (way tooooo much yodeling!! – we nixed those!) She went to Nepal a couple years ago and found some local music CDs that were PERFECT – everyone was impressed how well the music gelled with the slideshow. Same for a trip to Peru.

So, what I’m trying to say is, with so many millions of music pieces out there to glean off iTunes and Amazon and so many other sources, it’s a hard question to answer. It depends on what type of slideshow you plan to present, and what type of soundtrack you want to go with it (photos of pretty flowers with background music by MegaDeath probably just won’t cut it!)

I know, I know. Very tough question, except that I’ve heard some really cool upbeat instrumental “songs” that have been used in FotoMagico samples. They’re probably not really songs, but have a good rhythm. I guess I need to get one of those apps that tries to identify a song by ‘listening’ to it. Thanks for at least considering my probably impossible request.

For example of what I like is one that Boinx used in their YouTube video called “What is new in FotoMagico 4.” The ‘song’ is called PRIMAVERA. I really like that. That is a good example of what I’m after.