Good Epiphan Replacement

I’ve been using the Epiphan VGA2USB, DVI2USB, and USB capture devices for years. Recently however, it seems like firmware releases and fixes for the USB capture devices are being back burnered for their newer all in one solutions. As an example see this thread on the HD - HD Video Artifacts/Tearing. So my question to the community is, what other devices are people using to capture computer (HDMI/DVI/VGA) output at varying resolutions with great success?


We use a lot of Blackmagic stuff for our inputs. But only for HDMI and SDI sources.

For anything else, like DVI or VGA, we pre-process it into HD and then hand it over to the Blackmagic.

Hi @zonywhoop1,

Thanks for using mimoLive. I now switched to NDI for capturing the computer output. If it’s your computer, installing an “NDI Scan Converter” is the most cost effective solution. There are several of those. If you are capturing a speakers computer or tablet, a hardware HDMI to NDI capture device is easier to handle. Magewell makes some great HDMI to NDI capture devices.

Best regards, Oliver.

Thanks @Oliver_Boinx!

Quick question regarding the Magewell converters - do they support non-standard hdmi resolutions like 1024x768? We generally (but not always) pull the HDMI feed off the output of a scaler and the docs from Magewell are not clear on exactly what resolutions the converters support.

Also, have you tried NDI over a dedicated WIFI link? If so, how was it?


Unless you have extraordinary requirements such as 4K or high frame rates, I think the killer capture device on the market right now is Blackmagic ATEM Mini. It goes far, far beyond being a simple capture card, however. There is a full fledged switcher, audio mixer, sophisticated audio processing, multiple inputs, wipes and effects, advanced chroma keying, and scalers on each of the 4 input channels. There is really nothing comparable, all at the price point of a simple single input converter like a Magewell or Epiphan