GIF or Animations in lower third

I’m using MimoLive to teach a class and want to play in the lower third an animation or GIF that basically communicates to the students, “Great job!” when they give an excellent answer. I’m not able to create the animation or GIF but plan to find one that works well and then import it into MimoLive. How can I do this? I don’t have a tech background so I would be grateful for easy directions.

To do this, you need use some animation software like after effects, and export in .mov pro-res 444 with alpha channel

As an alternative: search Youtube for ‘using Keynote for Lower Thirds’. There are some great videos explaining how to use Keynote for creating graphics.

Basically, you can use animated GIFs in mimoLive.

Here is an example file:


I added my 2 cents here:

Thank you, Oliver. This worked! I’m very grateful.

Thank you, Gustavo. I’ll give these a try as well. Many thanks.


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Hi Oliver,

I forgot to mention that after I successfully used your method with the GIF file, I tried it with a .mov file from my iPhone that had audio. I was able to see the video portion in the Program Output, and when I turned on the Audio Monitor I was able to hear the audio. The problem is that I would hear a lot of reverberation which I think might be related to the fact that I am doing this to share on Zoom and so maybe it is due to the microphone? Any suggestions on how I can resolve the audio problem?


This sounds like a feedback loop due to an open microphone - not necessarily on your end. People on Zoom often use “speakerphone” mode without earphones. This leads to all sorts of audio issues, unfortunately.