Get a VLC feed in as a layer

Any way to get a video URL meant for VLC into Mimo as a layer? Tried screen sharing but the update rate is just too slow.

+1 interesting feature,
did you use Playlist feature for this?

Hi @lorcott You may be able to use the FFmpeg source for that. What does the URL look like?

Oliver…its an odd one but the URL is zixi://

its not always running but I can turn it on in an instant.

Interestingly, FFmpeg isn’t supporting the Zixi protocol. Maybe a conflict of licenses.

I’ve put “adding a VLC source” to the feature request list. But don’t hold your breath, supporting external APIs is a pain and while there seems to be an actively developed VLCLKit for MacOS, differences in handling video can easily make it very hard to implement.

Oh well…thanks Oliver. If I can transcode to RTMP, RTSP or HLS, will that make it easier?

Sure. HLS could even work with the Web Browser source.