Fuzzy PowerPoint on Zoom

I’m using MimoLive with the Virtual camera to show PowerPoint presentations on Zoom. I’m using a new MacBook Pro with Mac OS Catalina 10.15.6. Everything functions well except that the PowerPoint content looks fuzzy to the viewer, especially when I split the screen using the Presenter 2D layer. Even in full screen the words are not sharp to the viewer. How can I get a sharper image for the viewer and overcome this fuzzy problem?

Hi! When you use the Virtual Camera, the content is sent in the document resolution to Zoom. Make sure that:

a) Your document is set to 1920x1080 at 30fps
b) You have checked the “Enable HD” checkbox in Zoom -> Settings -> Video

Also, how are you capturing the PowerPoint? Are you using a Screen Capture source? Or is a separate computer connected via some capture device?

Lastly, please consider that your slides are sent to Zoom as Video. This means that there is compression being used which can change due to network congestion and it is advisable to adjust text and graphics on the slides accordingly.

After getting your reply, I created a new document in 1920x1080 since I wasn’t sure what I set it up as before and enabled HD. However, it is still fuzzy in PowerPoint.

For a source, I am using Window Capture. I haven’t tried having the PowerPoint on my MacBook Air. If you think that’s worth trying, please let me know how I would bring that into my MacBook Pro and into the MimoLive document. Sorry if this is an amateurish question. I’m really new to all this.

As for the PowerPoint slides, they are all text. I’m not adding images.


As a test/workaround, you could try loading the PowerPoint in Keynote, activate Keynote Live and load the keynote URL in the Webbrowser Source to see what happens. I’ve used Keynote Live once with someone remotely, used the Webbrowser as Source in MimoLive and it all looked great without any issues.

I’ll give a try with Keynote Live. However, I just put a website link into the Webbrowser as Source and then saw it on Zoom and it was also fuzzy on the viewer’s end (other than the Zoom on my computer. On mine it is a sharp image). It seems that whatever source I use from MimoLIve, once it goes through Zoom, it ends up fuzzy on the other computer’s end. What I don’t understand is why I would have this experience but not others. I’m using a new MacBook Pro with high speed Internet.