Full screen output freezes when stream has problems

I regularly see that the feel screen output of mimoLive freezes momentarily (couple of frames) or sometimes even longer (seconds). I’ve always though this was a performance problem of my laptop but lately I’ve noticed that this happens at the same moment there is a hick up in the stream.

So when the streaming output drops due to connectivity issues, the full screen output starts to drop frame or even freezes for a longer period. Thinking about this I though that it could be that the full screen output is a real representation of what it being streamed but that is not the case. Because the full screen output at some moment continues even when the stream can’t due to loss of connectivity.

So I think it’s a multi threading issue internally in mimoLive. The full screen output should always continue regardless of what happens on the stream. The full screen output could e.g. be used to drive external screens and it’s very annoying when the freeze.