Full Screen Output, feature request

I have an event coming up with an on-stage screen on which I’d like to display one of my cameras. My plan was to send the signal via airplay to an on stage AppleTV. I can do this successfully with the program out of mimoLive. It would be fantastic if, as with the file recording output, one could select a camera or other source as another option besides the program output.

I have read through the forum and have noted that Oliver suggests doing this with the aid of a second document and a Syphon source. I’ve tried to do so, but get a mimoLive application hang as soon as I open the 2nd document. I tried with simple one layer documents, but was met with a hang each time. I downgraded mimoLive to 5.2 and was met with the same hang several times.

Any thoughts on what the issue may be regarding the two document hang? Is the feature request of a video selection option in the full screen output a possibility in the future?

Thank you.

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why do you want such full screen output. tellthebell

I too would love this feature, been hoping this version would have it but its not in there. however i would request if a few layers like a layer set can be recorder & also output differently to a program out. The current problem im having is i want to record my program out however i normally use facebook and youtube and get comments from them…

@Oliver_Boinx can you guys please include Whatsapp messeger aswell if that is in anyway possible…

When i display the comments on screen that gets recorded…I DO NOT WANT THE COMMENTS RECORDED…NOR DISPLAYED ON CERTAIN MONITORS DURING SHOW…and if i’m to send the recorded show to our local tv station the comments are not accepted so i have to edit the show all over again. i want to record a selected few of layers, display a selected few on a display and display another selected few on a few others. Please give us this year year Gift guys. :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: