Full screen option

We use the “Full screen” function to distribute the master image to two monitors. We would like to request an extra function: the possibility to choose between the master and the preview (and other video sources like mimocall, for example) to display in full screen. Is there a possibility to include it in a new version? What do you think?


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Hey, @Paulo_Sergio, how are you? :+1::brazil:

I understand that “Preview Output” is not available as an option in the Output Destinations just like “Program Output” is, and this would be a welcome additional feature (@Oliver_Boinx @Achim_Boinx), but maybe you can use NDI to “emulate” your extra function.

You could create NDI Output Destinations to make each of your video feeds available in the local network. For each video feed, you will have the option to choose individual video sources (including mimoCalls) and audio mixes. Then you can either run multiple mimoLive instances that can ingest these feeds as NDI sources and send them to Fullscreen Output Destinations, or maybe you can even use Newtek’s NDI Video Monitor, which is available as part of NDI Tools (https://ndi.tv/tools/).

Hope this helps!
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