Full Screen Mode Error by turning the display off

I did display off by pushing Option+Command+Power button,
and i turn on the display again(click or push any keyboard)
Or, I did display off by using Hot corner function(mouse cursor to corner of window, then special function activated) and on the screen again,
Or, I did display off just flip off the LCD cover, and re activation the screen,

I cannot use Mousepose Effect in “Full screen mode” in spite of push toggle button.
I can see Mousepose Effect in normal window, i.e. desktop mode, however, when I click
green button(opposite arrow) to make full screen mode, mousepose effect cannot be observed.
The solution that i found is re-start the mousepose program, however, It happens again when I turn off the display temporarily.

To my thinking it is bug. Please fix it. For energy saving, I often use display off function.

Hi What version of Mouseposé are you running and what version of OS X do you have installed? Both works just fine with Mouseposé 3.2.7 and OS X 10.10