frame rate and inconsistent connection on youtube or rtmp

Unfortunately Mimolive is unusable. What is the solution for a good 4k broadcast?

![Frame rate Fails so bad]( “Frame Rate failenter image description here”)

enter image description here

3 fps ??


@CHBRA Sorry to hear about the troubles.

The issue is that your internet connection only sends about 4.5Mbit/s to your streaming server while you’ve set the encoding to 13.5Mbit/s. Our algorithm can’t handle sending 13.5Mbit/s through a 4.5Mbit/s line very well and overreacts in reducing frame and data rate to avoid dropping frames. I recommend you set the encoding to 4Mbit/s (as I have done in the test below) and see if that works better. What frame rate have you set the document to?

What mimoLive version are you using?

Just did a test stream to YouTube: 4K (2160p25) at 4Mbit/s. YouTube re-encoded the stream to 1440p which seems to be the currently max supported resolution, but the stream went out from mimoLive at 2160p25 without problems.

I’m still having problems with mimolive…
Since I bought the license it I couldn’t use properly

How can we proceed?Ultrastudio drop frames

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@CHBRA Sorry to hear that the problems persist.

What Mac are you using, what OS version, how is the UltraStudio connected and which version of the BMD software do you have installed?