Frame Drops and Software Encoder on Mac Pro (Late 2013)?

At mimolive 4 I now have massive frame drops while live streaming. I did not have this with mimolive 3 yet.

Also, I’m surprised that the software encoder is used.

Software Encoder on MacPro Late 2013

The Mac Pro comes with the AMD FirePro D700. Is the use of the software encoder correct and if so, is the performance of the MacPro really not enough for a 720p live stream?

@Panxatony The software encoder was also used in mimoLive 3, the panel just wasn’t as informative. This is because the Mac Pro doesn’t have a hardware encoder for h.264. I guess the designers thought the Mac Pro would be powerful enough to do it in software.

The performance should be more than enough for a 720p live stream. My suspicion is that the internet bandwidth to the YouTube ingest server isn’t fast enough. In this case, mimoLive sometimes reports that the encoder isn’t fast enough when in fact the upload is too slow. You can monitor this by watching the Local Buffer Size. Can you post a screenshot of what this window looks like when you have frame drops?

What OS Version are you using?

MacOS 10.13.4 is installed. Thanks for the feedback, I will watch it at the next live broadcast.

Problem solved. It was probably the upload. I had no problems at the last live broadcast.

@Panxatony That’s great to hear. Keep us updated. Can you post a link to your latest broadcast or send to me privately?