FR: Update Lower Thirds Appearance Section

Hey Mimolive Team!

Could you guys add a few extra features to the Appearance section of some of the pre-made lower thirds templates similar to what you have in the Lower Thirds Pro? Even if you don’t do it with all the pre-made templates, could you have one or two pre-made templates like vortex push that has those features too? It would be a great help!

Lower Thirds Pro

Thanks a million for listening…

Hi @Hanson_Place Thanks for the bringing the feature request from the AH lab to here. Thank you also for attending the lab!

The one-trick ponies are low on our list of priorities, but if you can be more specific, we might be able to squeeze some updates in. Can you please let me know which setting for which Layer is the most important to you?

Hey @Oliver_Boinx , I spent some time playing with all the layers in the Lower Third lineup, and found the original Lower Third layer seems to have almost everything what we need except the timing section. If you could add that in, it would be golden. Thanks!