FR: mimoCall client does local audio recording and then sends the file at termination

audio quality is one of the most important things in not just live streaming but the show that is then viewed on demand.

an old radio interview trick from pre digital times is to call someone overseas and use the studio to record your own voice and send them a decent tape recorder to record their voice on their end, and then send back the tape machine from where it was borrowed and send the tape recording to the radio studio where the work experience kid gets to spice together the ins and outs from both recordings for clean audio at both ends.

was wondering if we could get mimoLive to cache a local audio recording so that even in the event of weak internet connections and dropouts/ squelching/feedback/noise there’s a clean mic recording of audio saved and then that can either automatically be uploaded to their icloud/gdrive/dropbox and a link send to the mimoLive producer or some other handy way that the producer can access the local audio recording.

too often a great show is tarnished with patches of shitty audio and short of going for an overdubbing re-recoding, there’s very little post production tools can do in many situations.

i guess it’s like having your studio cameras recording to card for backup or use in the final master as well as streaming signal to mimoLive or a hardware studio vision mixing desk.

good idea? already exists?

also it could capture a 4K still image from video il every n seconds and store it for use in a master mix-down in post where it can replace any video image that deteriorates as a thumbnail. will also capture slides etc in screen sharing. which saves having to obtain and regenerate from a slide deck.