Fotomagico Vs Adobe Premiere Elements

I just saw a slideshow made with Adobe Premiere Elements - sorry to say folks but it looks like a superior program. You can fit 4 photos or more into one slide - they all fall in sequentially- I think you can even pick the pattern and timing. Is this coming soon to Fotomagico -or is it available in the pro version- I hope so!

Depending on the task you have to accomplished Adobe Premiere Elements will do its job too. But if you are going to perform a live slideshow presentation in high quality, 60 frames a second on high resolution output projectors you won’t get a better solution than Boinx FotoMagico!

With a workaround you are able to have two slides per slot in FotoMagico. But having multiple slides in one slot is one of the most requested features and we are hearing you!

Can you advise the workaround for two slides per slot in FM. That would be useful for portrait and small shots.

To have two slides in one slot you create a “Title” object in this slot delete the text from this and while the cursor is in edit mode, you drag your second image from the desktop into the text area. Know you have your second image in the title object. It can be animated with pan/zoom/rotation as well.

Wow thanks.