FotoMagico v. Photo2Movie

I’ve been using Photo2Movie for some time but am interested in switching to FotoMagico. Are there any feature comparisons readily available? Thanks.

Personally I think you can’t compare Photo2Movie with FotoMagico. I would rather compare Photo2Movie with our PhotoPresenter: both are app to generate slideshows in a fast way. FotoMagico is much more complex and gives you all the options to create a slideshow the way you want it to look. Please go ahead and download the free demo version of FotoMagico here to try it on your own:

Thanks Achim…You’re quite right. I created a Q&D doc last nite with all 3 and FM clearly is much more powerful. Regards. :-j

I would disagree a bit. P2M provides more functionality in some ways. For example, you can frame part of an image, move to another part, stop, then pan back, etc. All kinds of motion are possible within one frame. Backgrounds can be added to titles, making them easier to read. The opacity of the title backgrounds can be adjusted too. Blank slide colors can easily be changes to any shade and hue you want. Fotomagico is easier to use, and I can put together a slide show much quicker, but without some options I appreciated in F2M.

Unfortunately, P2M appears to be out of business. That is, it doesn’t work in Mountain Lion and questions left at the site go unanswered. Oh well.