FotoMagico utility

I am definitely keen on purchasing your software (Fotomagico; home user version) if it will help me in my project:

  1. I have family photos acquired from over 70 years which I have scanned, edited (Photoshop CS5) and assembled in folders (and subfolders) arranged in chronological order.
  2. I would like to burn them on to a DVD so that viewers can watch them on a TV or computer (PC or MAC) screen.
  3. Its important that the organizational structure (i.e. folders) be maintained and I require text to be added and visible for viewers. Special effects and music insertion are less important. Retention of image clarity is important.

Please let me know if your program will meet these objectives.

This is all possible except the folder structure in a show. If you create a FotoMagico show and burn it on DVD a movie of that show will be created that plays through, but there are no real folders. You could use chapter markers though to jump through the “story”.
You can have a free trial after download: